It's a good time to call a plumber if you have ongoing problems with blocked drains and have had no success in unblocking it yourself.

Signs that you should call a plumber about a blocked drain include:

  • gurgling or gluping sounds when water is in use
  • smelly drains / drain grates
  • the drain outside the house overflowing (eg after a load of washing)
  • strange water levels in the toilet (high or low)
  • the floor waste overflowing during a shower


How does a plumber fix a blocked drain?

Minor blockages are usually easy to remedy by flushing or cleaning the pipes. Blocked drains may be due to a build up of domestic waste. Try and avoid blocked drains by preventing unwanted material entering the drain (eg food, grease, coffee grounds, cement or plaster from DIY clean ups or hair).

Tree roots are another very common cause of recurring blocked drains. R&R plumbing can arrange camera inspection, water jetting and even excavate and repair or replace damaged or broken drains.

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