How much should I expect to pay for a plumber?

Of course every job will be different – but if you are dealing with an experienced plumber, they should be able to give you an accurate idea of the price of a job once they’ve had a look at it.

For common problems, like a blocked drains, a quick phone call to R&R Plumbing will tell you roughly how much you can expect to pay.

If you would like us to come and have a look at the job we can give you an accurate estimate. Even at this stage if you then decide not to go ahead – there will be no charge.

R&R Plumbing does not charge call out fees.

plumber-domestic-northcote-thornbury-melbourneGeneral plumbing maintenance and experience

“As a plumber it’s always good to have a bit of local knowledge. For example I I get a lot of call outs from areas like Richmond, or Fitzroy, where the houses are older – it might just be a blocked drain, or a leaking pipe – but I’ve usually seen something similar in the same neighbourhood.”
– Rod Yodgee, Plumber and owner – R&R Central Plumbing

plumber-blocked-northcote-thornbury-melbourneWhen should I call a plumber about a blocked drain?

It’s a good time to call a plumber if you have ongoing problems with blocked drains and have had no success in unblocking it yourself.

Signs that you should call a plumber about a blocked drain include:
– gurgling or gluping sounds when water is in use
– smelly drains / drain grates
– the drain outside the house overflowing (eg after a load of washing)
– strange water levels in the toilet (high or low)
– the floor waste overflowing during a shower

plumber-drains-northcote-thornbury-melbourneHow does a plumber fix a blocked drain?

Minor blockages are usually easy to remedy by flushing or cleaning the pipes. Blocked drains may be due to a build up of domestic waste. Try and avoid blocked drains by preventing unwanted material entering the drain (eg food, grease, coffee grounds, cement or plaster from DIY clean ups or hair).

Tree roots are another very common cause of recurring blocked drains. R&R plumbing can arrange camera inspection, water jetting and even excavate and repair or replace damaged or broken drains.

plumber-blocked-toilet-northcote-thornbury-melbourneWhat should I do with my toilet?

When a toilet stops working it can make life very inconvenient, especially if it is the only toilet in the house. Luckily most problems can be fixed quite quickly by an experienced plumber. It might be as simple as fixing the constant water-waste of a leaking cistern or more involved, for example, replacing, relocating, or renovating a bathroom or toilet. It’s always good to talk to a licensed plumber early for advice on what can be achieved and where and how.

plumber-hot-water-northcote-thornbury-melbourneAdvice on hot water systems?

R&R Plumbing can advise you on a range of hot water systems. Replacing a hot water system usually occurs because the previous hot water heater has failed. This is the perfect time to talk through options with your plumber to help you choose an up-to-date system that meets your needs and works efficiently and economically for you.

plumber-rainwater-northcote-thornbury-melbourneCollecting rainwater and reusing gray water?

Regardless of the current water restrictions it always make sense to use water wisely and efficiently. Rainwater systems are often easy to install and can contribute to a significant percentage of household water usage – especially if plumbed to the toilet and laundry. Greywater systems are also another great way to utilise an otherwise wasted resource.

plumber-bathrooms-northcote-thornbury-melbourneBathroom, kitchen and laundry plumbing

Renovating a bathroom, kitchen or laundry can offer a great opportunity to fix the layout and change the position of your plumbing. Talking to a plumber during the planning can open up possibilities and save time and expenses later when it comes to installation.


Please contact R&R Central Plumbing on 0409 171 286 or email Rod if you have questions or would like an obligation free quote.