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To whom it may concern,

Rod has been my plumber and neighbour for the last twenty years. In that time he has helped me through several household crisis. Rod has replaced a hot water service on an extremely limited time frame with genuine consideration for the welfare of my elderly parents; replaced a toilet also on a quick turn around and on short notice. A blocked sewage pipe and many other instances has rescued me whenever called upon.

Rod managed the complete gutting and renovation of my bathroom; again in a short time frame to avoid minimal disruption to our household and to my delight at fair pricing.

Rod’s high ethical standards and quality workmanship is evident in his eye for detail. Suggestions or alternatives put forward, always turned out to be the better solution; both in aesthetics and pricing.

Rod has also recommended other tradesmen he has worked with and all of his referrals have been equal to Rod’s high quality workmanship.

I have no doubt or hesitation in recommending his services to anyone who might require it and on top of that, he is a genuinely lovely person.