Tim – Brunswick

Brunswick |

I can’t recommend Rod highly enough. I’ve been using him for plumbing jobs, big and small, for 15 years now. He’s done major renovation work on our house as well as emergency repairs, when our hot water service died. As someone who did a lot of the renovations at our house myself, Rod was fantastic to work with. Apart from his excellent work he helped me solve several design problems – he’s got a real understanding that how things look in a house is often as important as whether they work – and his flexibility on jobs meant I could do the parts I needed to do then call Rod and he’d be there within a day or two to complete the next step. In all this time Rod has NEVER charged me more than the initial quote and often less if a job was completed quickly. The only draw back in employing Rod is that he’s a Carlton supporter – if you’re OK with that and you want a friendly, reliable, honest plumber in the inner city area – Rod’s your man! Can’t recommend him highly enough.
– Tim – Brunswick